Born Happy
Edmunds Jansons (2024) 70′

In development

Film title: Born Happy (Laimīgie)
Director: Edmunds Jansons
Art Design: Elīna Brasliņa
Script: Līga Gaisa, Lote Eglīte
Based on the story by: Luīze Pastore
Animation Technique: Cut-Outs, 2D Computer Animation
Financial Support: National film Centre of Latvia


After Mom goes to the city to repair her bush plane and Dad following the signs of nature suddenly decides to start his expedition into the Amazonian rain forest, the nine-year-old mindful city-loving Ilze is left in their settlement to look after her three-year-old active and yet non-speaking brother Alex. Left alone, Ilze tries her best. But Alex, resisting her caretaking methods, runs away into the jungle. Ilze can do nothing but follow him. In the jungle, the children get into exciting and dangerous adventures, they encounter wild beasts, dangerous gold diggers, discover secrets of the jungle and become inseparable friends.