Guard of Honour
Edmunds Jansons (2020) 5’30”

Film Title: Guard of Honour (Goda sardze)
Director: Edmunds Jansons
Lenght: 5′ 30”
Animation Technique: 2D Computer Animation
Financial Support: National Film Centre of Latvia
Year: 2021


A natural disaster interferes with the honour guard ritual. Only one of the guards, seemingly pointlessly, chooses to remain in his post.


Anifilm IFAF 2021
Fantoche 2021
Ottawa IAF 2021
Canlandıranlar FF 2021
40th Uppsala SHF
37th Interfilm SFF Berlin
18th Animateka
Magma – mostra di cinema breve 2021
28th IFF Etiuda&Anima
PÖFF SHORTS (Panorama) 2021
Tindirindis IAFF 2021
LIAF 2021
14th Piccolo Festival Dell’animamazione IAFF
Anima 2022
Lielais Kristaps NFF 2022