Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness
Edmunds Jansons (2017) 26′

Film title: Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness (Bize un Neguļa)
Director: Edmunds Jansons
Script: Lote Eglīte
Art Design: Reinis Pētersons
Genre: Animation
Animation Technique: 2D Computer Animation
Lenght: 26′
Colors: Color
Financial Support: the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and National film Centre of Latvia


Six years old Pigtail favors winter holidays the most. However, this year everything goes wrong because Pigtail’s baby brother appears to the world and turns everything upside down. Pigtail’s parents are fully occupied with him and in order to look after Pigtail her Grandma arrives from the countryside. BUT – she doesn’t know how to skate nor is any good at reading good-night-tales. And what is more important – Pigtail’s imaginary friend, Mr. Sleeplessness, also believes that the holidays are close to be spoiled. The two come up with a plan how to save the holidays. Pigtail writes a letter to the Father Christmas telling how much her Grandma and her baby brother want to get to the Moon and dearly asks the Father Christmas to fulfill her wish. However, when the plan seems to get realistic Pigtail gets anxious. What Grandma and the baby brother are going to do on the Moon alone? And who is going to knit those warm socks and play the tickle-game with her? Pigtail is ready to do everything to stop her wish from coming true.