Born Happy
Edmunds Jansons (2024) 70′

In development

Film title: Born Happy (Laimīgie)
Director: Edmunds Jansons
Art Design: Elīna Brasliņa
Script: Lote Eglīte, Līga Gaisa
Inspired by the book by Luīze Pastore and life story of Aleksander Laime and his family
Animation Technique: Cut-Outs, 2D Computer Animation
Financial Support: National film Centre of Latvia


During the school break, the nine-year-old Ilze joins her family in the rainforest where they live together with the Pemón tribe close to the Devil’s mountain. When after an accident Mom needs to fly Dad to a hospital, Ilze volunteers to look after her three-year-old brother Alex. However, instead of paying attention to her brother, Ilze’s nose is stuffed in a book. When finally Ilze looks up, she discovers that Alex has disappeared. All signs show that he has wandered towards the jungle. Ilze has to bring him back home before their parents return. And exciting and sometimes risky adventures begin.