Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness by Edmunds Jansons world premiere in Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

“Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness” by Edmunds Jansons will have its world premiere in 5th of November at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. The premiere of the animated film “Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness” took place during the Riga International Film Festival this September.

The 25-minute long film is a story of a little girl Pigtail, her imaginary friend Mr. Sleeplesness and their adventures during winter holidays. What Pigtail wants most of all is to learn to ice skate. However, shortly before the Christmas Pigtail’s baby brother appears to the world and turns everything upside down. Pigtail’s parents are fully occupied with him and her Grandma who has specially arrived from the countryside doesn’t know how to skate nor is any good at reading good-night-tales. So Pigtail together with her imaginary friend, Mr. Sleeplessness, comes up with a plan to send Grandma and Baby Brother to the Moon in order to save the holidays and win back parents attention.